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August 6, 2013


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*edited 03/10/2014 * Updating because even after the new rules, we are still receiving deviations in the wrong folders. Pay attention guys, and help us out please!

Hello wolfies!

As we said on our latest journal entries, we've noticed an increasing number of art submissions being submitted to the wrong folders. As such, we had to temporarily close submissions.

Why did we close them?

  • We have always sent messages asking members to re-submit an entry if it was miscategorized, but even so, many members are still continuing to submit to the wrong gallery folders.

    Some new members aren't reading the Folder's Guide before submitting and choosing folders seemingly at random.

    Some of you are submitting too many deviations per day and we can't keep up.

  • Unlike some other groups, we are striving to keep everything meticulously organized, from the front page to the galleries. We will also do our utmost to reply to your messages, approve your entries, etc. in a timely fashion.

  • We are doing our best to keep everything organized, and ask for the same consideration from you. Please do your part to keep the group in order!


Some new rules will be implemented from now on:

:bulletred: Submissions:
    Submissions will be limited to 3 per day.

:bulletred: Implemented Changes:
    Deviations submitted to the wrong folder will automatically be denied.

We will continue to issue warnings, letting members know the reason for a denial and asking them to re-submit. If, after an initial warning, a user still submits to the wrong folder, we will revoke their right to submit.


The submissions are now open again!

Follow the submission guide and respect the rules. It's a win/win! You help us keep the group in order, and your entry will be approved quickly. If you encounter any errors, please let us know.

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Is it possible to have a folder for non-pairing pairs?
reborn-gp Oct 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Do you mean non-canon? If so, we already have one >…

No I didn't mean actual pairings, I meant pictures with just two people in it, especially cross group pictures, e.g. one from "Deacon Hills Highschool" and the other from "The Hales".

And is it possible to have a spoof/humor folder? Because as much as I like this show especially the last finale was a major let down to me and with all its plotholes a treasure chest for humor.

reborn-gp Oct 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Ah! Well usually we accept this kind of deviations in our "group" folder. But I can talk with the admins about it ok? :D

And yes 3A was really frustrating! :rage:
Ci-chan91 Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
I think those changes were neccessary, thanks for always having an eye on everything! <3
JasonDriskill Aug 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
this is good! thank you, moderators, for all your hard work keeping this group so well organized!
Good changes, and good work overall with this group! :)
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